como armar mi valkia ???

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    hola soy nuevo u quisiera saver como puedo armar mi valkiria uno dicen grunil otros hevy me podrian pasar una guia de como armarla por favor !!
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    Esta guia es la que sigo actualmente para mi alter

    (Lo siento que este en ingles)


    - Breath/Health Training: You can level up your breath by walking and level up your Health by eating. Breath gives you stamina which you will need for skills and Health gives you more hp/mp. I personally recommend that you do not use your horse at all until your Breath is leveled to max. This is extremely important. Theres a daily in Calpheon that requires you to push a wheel barrow for Stamina exp and one at media located here- . For food, you want to buy some kind of cheap food of gold or orange quality and just eat them every 30 minutes.

    - Cast Speed +5 - Every Valkyrie build, whether it be AP/DP or hybrid must have +5 cast speed. We do not utilize attack speed at all in our kit. The only thing affected by attack speed is Kicks and Grabs which kicks aren't really used at all and grabs work fine (if desync doesnt affect you).

    - I put together a small skill tree of core skills you'll need while leveling and after awakening for level 51s, try taking these skills.

    If you can, start questing and grab those free skillpoints, it's very useful in the long run, definitely worth 10/10.

    *EDIT* Here is a nice Spreadsheet on Skillpoints from quests -



    Focus on getting these Skills first:

    [​IMG][​IMG]Shield Throw/Shield Throw Ultimate

    [​IMG][​IMG] Celestial Spear/Celestial Spear Ultimate

    [​IMG][​IMG] Sword of Judgement/Sword of Judgment Ultimate

    [​IMG] Shield Chase (All three levels)

    [​IMG] Breath of Elion

    [​IMG][​IMG] Punishment

    Overview on Skills:

    [​IMG] Valkyrie Slash - This is your basic Left click ability, it does little to no damage with no kind of SP gain, so we normally want to leave this skill untouched and at Level 1.

    [​IMG] Forward Slash - Just like our Warrior counterpart, we too have a forward slash. This skill can be decent, except it can leave you open for attacks which can be a very bad thing. Since it doesn't do as much DPS as other skills and doesn't give you as much MP gain, we tend to leave this out.

    [​IMG] Charging Slash - This is your sprinting and Lmb move. It provides no kind of CC and it looks to be an initiation type of move. There are far more initiator skills that can provide use which are better and can cause CC to your opponent or mob so again, we leave this skill out.

    [​IMG] Sideways Cut - This will be one of your movement skills in pvp and pve. It is very useful to take. The higher its level, the less stamina you consume while using it. So it's a pretty nice skill to level up.

    [​IMG] Severing Light - This will be one of your life steal abilities. Seeing how it does little damage and has a 50% nerf to pvp damage, I feel like skill points can be better spent in another skill that is more useful.

    [​IMG] Breath of Elion - This is your healing skill. This is by far one of the most useful abilities that the class has. At max rank it restores 25% of your own hp and 70% of your Mp/Sp. It even restores 20% of your allies Hp and gives you a 20% movement speed buff for 10 seconds!

    [​IMG] Sword of Judgement - The skill that gives Valkyries their burst. This is the skill where if you use it right, you can 100-0 people. It starts off with two weak hits and a third strong hit of 50% more damage. The ultimate lets you do an additional final blow to Sword of Judgement. This is needed for maximum DPS. There are ways to cancel straight into the final blow to Sword of Judgment which will be discussed later in the guide.

    [​IMG] Guard Stance - The Valkyrie block. When you get into this stance, you receive an additional 20 DP buff for 20 seconds. If you open up your skill window you'll notice the lines from guard connects to other skills on the skill window. This means you can combo those skills from guard, i'll list them.

    [​IMG] Shield Strike - Your basic shield hit. At level 3 this turns into a stun and it can be used to cancel into the 3rd hit of SoJ.

    [​IMG] Shield Counter - By hitting RMB as you get hit, you can perform a stun on the opponent if the hit succeeds.

    [​IMG] Shield Chase - This is another great mobility skill for Valkyries. While guarding, you simply push the direction you want to go then Shift and you'll perform a dash. You gain an additional dash per level for a maximum of three dashes.

    [​IMG] Just Counter - This is a great skill for pve and pvp. It restores a nice amount of MP/SP on hit and can inflict stiffness on your opponent and it's even easy to use while maintaining guard stance. Putting points into Flow: Sharp Counter allows you to do quicker Just counter hits for more Sp/MP gain which I highly suggest.

    [​IMG] Skyward Strike - Performs an uppercut on the target and can put your opponent on the ground, it can also be used to cancel into SoJ. Since it can leave you opened for attacks, miss the CC sometimes, and can interefere with the righteous charge> SoJ combo, i tend to leave this out, but others may have a use for it.

    [​IMG] Shield Throw - The bread and butter of Valkyrie. This will be your main PvE skill damage wise. It pushes your mobs, spins them around and inflicts stun while doing a lot of DPS. I do not recommend using this as a damage source for PvP since the damage is reduced and the spin/push does not work in pvp. It should be used only for its stun effect. Remember that once you use shield throw, there is a cooldown. If you try to use shield throw again while on that cooldown, the stun will not work. This should be noted for pvp only so feel free to spam shield for days in pve. Taking this skill to ultimate allows you to have your shield out for a longer time so you can do more DPS to mobs.

    [​IMG] Counter - This is a nice CC to have with Valkyrie. It's another utility to add to your belt and if you get it above level 1 you can cancel into SoJ with it. This is a good skill if melee or another class gets close to you because you can simple hit S+LMB to perform the skill and when it hits it usually CCs them. Also note that once you use counter there is a cooldown and the CC will not work while its on cooldown even though you can still use the skill.

    [​IMG] Sharp Light - This works as a giant piercing spear in front of you. Most people take this skill because after using it, you can cancel straight into SoJ. Taking it to level 4 unlocks a knockdown ability that can be good for a CC when it hits. Taking it to ultimate gives it slightly more range.

    [​IMG] Flurry of Kicks - This is one of your kicking abilities. I mentioned it because it's on the skill tree. It has no use other than to take up space in my opinion. I'd stay away from it.

    [​IMG] Flying Kick - The same with Flurry of Kicks. I also recommend staying clear from this skill. Not much else to say for that.

    [​IMG] Punishment - This is your grab skill. It's used to take people out of blocks and it counts as a CC but isn't effected by the CC resistance rule in bdo. Taking this to ultimate allows you to use the skill during other skills so you can quickly transition to it.

    [​IMG] Divine Power - This is your aoe ground smash ability. As you level the skill it gets stronger. When you take it to Level 4 it gains a damage boost based on your maximum amount of MP. It also inflicts bounce on the target which is good after you slam someone or when they are on the ground. Taking this to ultimate is costly but can be a good skill to take in group pvp. Whether you want to spend that amount of skill points in the skill is up to the player.

    [​IMG] Heaven's Echo - This is your Valkyrie buff that increases your DP. Along with increasing your DP, it gives your allies a 12% accuracy buff at level 3. At level 3 it also gives you 20 DP for 60 seconds. I prefer taking this because I like to have my buffs up for a long time without having to worry about refreshing them. Guard stance gives you the same buff but for only 20 seconds.

    [​IMG] Righteous Charge - This is your forward dash ability. When it connnects to the target, you can cancel into SoJ immediately. This is a great gap closer to spec in and I personally recommend it. Taking this skill to ultimate gives you a slightly less cast time by a second and increases in damage based on your max MP/SP along with inflicting knock back on your opponent.

    [​IMG] Glaring Slash - This is a skill that some people take into the first hit when they want to do the first two hits and then take SoJ. This is supposed to be a good skill with killing mobs but shield throw + Celestial Spear seems to do the job much more efficiently. This is another skill that i'd classify as personal preference.

    [​IMG] Celestial Spear - The most important skill in the Valkyrie tree in my opinion. This is your long range CC. Once it hits your target it Knocks them on the ground and inflicts bound. After using this skill, you gain an 80% crit buff for 5 seconds. When you gain the Celestial Ultimate ability, using Celestial spear registers it as two hits so you can directly cancel into the final hit of SoJ. With an 80% crit buff + SoJ, you can expect some serious damage. You also use this to combo into Shield throw.

    [​IMG] Shining Dash - This is a dashing type skill towards an opponent. It's an initiating type of skill. The damage is reduced in pvp and it has a very long cooldown with a large amount of skill points used to take it. I personally don't take this skill seeing how it's a waste.

    [​IMG] Elion's Blessing - This is a very nice skill that works as a buff. It gives you CC resistance for you and allies within range for 6 seconds. This is very useful in a GvG scenario where you want to protect someone doing an alt or yourself.

    [​IMG] Judgement of Light - The Valkyrie 100% ultimate. This is a very good skill that can be used to take out mobs quickly. It's especially nice at higher levels. As any other ultimate, it's good for taking people off mounts when they run into it. Most people have effects turned off during large scale pvp so they wont see it coming when you use this skill in your front line.

    [​IMG] Fitness Training - It gives you defense and HP. This is a must have. You'd be silly if you didn't take it at all!.


    UPDATE: Check out this progression screenshot a reddit user posted for help on your gear progression: , use a Vangertz for an offhand!

    Alright so aside with 4 piece boss gear (Bheg's Gloves, Giath Helmet, Muskan Boots, Hebetate Armor) I'm going to list a more popular and optimal setup for new Valks. Obviously boss gear is better, but here is an alternative

    4 Piece Grunil Armor:

    Grabbing 4 pieces of Grunil Armor will allow you to have the set effects and 2 slots in each piece of armor. These slots allow for a lot of flexibility and you can do many types of setups.

    Yuria < Liverto < Kzarka

    Start off with a Yuria Longsword and make it ultimate with a reform stone. Make sure the weapon is +15-+17 before you attempt a Liverto. Livertos are extremely expensive to repair.

    Vangertz Shield < Nouver < Khutum

    Vangerz will be your best bet until you grab a Khutum shield. Nouver is not in the game yet. There has been some testing that Khutum can do more damage in KR. If you want to be tanky in sieges i recommend getting a Rosar Shield. The evasion works wonders.


    So when starting the game you may have a Jarettes Accessories set. If not, the set i'll be recommending will be cheap for you and better! I'll be listing the order of importance from left to right. As always, this is my personal preference so there isn't a "right accessory set" these are my recommendations.

    Earrings - Blue Coral Earring < Red Coral Earring < Witch's Earring < Blue Whale Molar Earring

    Rings - Red Coral Ring < Mark of Shadow (TRI) < Ring of Crescent Guardian (TRI)

    Belt - Ancient Weapon Core < Tree Spirit Belt (TRI) < Basilisk's Belt (TRI)

    Necklace - Ancient Guardian Seal < Sicil's Necklace < Serap's Necklace < Ogre Ring/Laytenn's Power Stone

    Socketing your gear:

    Depending on your weapon will affect which Gems you will be using. I'll be listing Basic Gems if you were to have an Ultimate Yuria Longsword

    Helmet - I suggest +5 Evasion. If you do not have a Kzarka or Liverto, you might have to use those slots for +2 Cast speed.

    Armor - You have a choice between the Cobelinus Gems that give you +100hp or the Magic Crystal of Infinity - Evasion which gives +10 Special Attack evasion. I personally take the evasion crystal but a majority of the population takes Cobelinus. I like the extreme difference in damage done to me.

    Gloves - If you want, you could sacrifice a +2 cast speed gem in your helmet and throw two viper gems in your gloves. This lets you put a +5 evasion gem in there and will help you cap out +5 cast speed. I personally take Black Magic Crystal Vipers in glove slots.

    Boots - I always go with the adamantine Crystals that give 25% knockdown resist. Upgrading to the Red battlefield version in my opinion is best in slot.

    Weapon - Use this slot for extra cast speed if you dont have it, but I generally would use precision crystals for accuracy if im low on cash or grab the ignore resistance gems 10% if you have the money.

    Offhand - You can grab a Critical damage gem if you dont have money or if you have money feel free to put in an awaken black crystal as an offhand for extra hp and damage

    Food Buffs:

    For right now during the Mediah expansion. You want to rotate between the Valencian Meal, King of Jungle Hamburg, and Knight combat rations.

    Sobre todo importante en cualquier clase,nunca sigas una guía al pie de la letra,mejora tus deficiencias y prioriza conseguir gear superior en vez de mejorar el actual que tengas(si tienes los recursos y la oportunidad).
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